Call for Papers

HotICN 2021 provides scientists and engineers a platform for sharing their advances in the theory, techniques and applications of Information-Centric Networking (ICN). The conference is hosted by Purple Mountain Laboratories, Nanjing, China. It focuses on Information-Centric Networking and its fusion with Blockchain, Cloud Network Integration & Testbed for Future Network. Papers with original contributions to these areas are solicited for submissions. Topics of the conference include, but are not limited to:

Track One: Information Centric Networking(ICN)

    ICN architecture and fundamentals

    ICN mobility

    Security and privacy issues in ICN

    ICN in IPv6

    ICN in IoT

    ICN in Cloud/Fog

    ICN in 5G Mobile Internet

    ICN in Vehicle Network

    ICN Performance and Evaluation

    ICN-Inspired Applications and System

    ICN Analysis and Theory

Track Two: BlockChain

    Blockchain technologies and system

    Security, privacy and trust schemes for blockchain

    Smart contracts and distributed ledger applications

    Networking technologies in Blockchain

    Blockchain-inspired applications and system

Track Three: Cloud Network Integration

    The architecture design for cloud network integration

    The protocol analysis and design for cloud network integration

    Integrated Networking, Computing and Caching

    Cloud Edge Collaboration

Track Four: New Technology for Future Network

    Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN)、Deterministic Networking (DetNet)

    Internet of Vehicles, Cellular-Vehicle-to-Everything(C-V2X)

    Satellite Networks,Satellite Internet

    Industrial Internet, Internet of Things

    B5G/6G networks

    Large-scale testbed for future network

    Testbed design, implementation and deployment

    Tools and services for testbed users and operators

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