Best Papers of HotICN 2021

Paper Title:Towards Network-Wide Scheduling for Cyclic Traffic in IP-based Deterministic Networks

Authors: Yudong Huang, Shuo Wang, Jiasen Wang, Tao Huang and Yunjie Liu

Paper Title:Efficient SDN Controller Load Balancing Using Deep Reinforcement Learning

Authors: Xi Deng, Deyun Gao and Meiyi Yang

Paper Title:INTCP: Information-centric TCP for Satellite Network

Authors: Jinyu Yin, Li Jiang, Xinggong Zhang and Bin Liu

Paper Title:Anchored Secret Sharing for Access Control with Fast Revocation in Named Data Networking

Authors: Jiangtao Luo, Chen He, Junxia Wang, Lianglang Deng and Yongyi Ran